Brokeback Mountain Protest

Going to the movies on a Friday night is a big thing in Panama City. But those going to the Carmike Cinema 10 on West 23rd Street might have wondered if the show inside would be better than the one taking place outside on the sidewalk.

Two groups of protestors spent several hours trading insults and trying to persuade the public about the movie “Brokeback Mountain.”

About 40 people gathered outside the Carmike for several hours; a good number of them were from a local church protesting against the movie.

The controversial film based on a true 1960’s story of two cowboys who fall in love with each other opened in Panama City for the first time Friday afternoon.

The homosexual theme drew the protestors like James Lyman.

“We’ve got movies about homosexuals, we’ve got movies about fornication, we’ve movies about drugs.”

The other side was out promoting tolerance and at times the two sides clashed verbally, but Panama City police were there to keep the two sides separated and they did a good job.

As for the movie, Carmike Management told NewsChannel Seven that ticket sales for the early evening showing were better than normal. In the end the church protest may have had the opposite effect than was intended.

Earlier this week, Carmike Management told us it was the movie’s distributor that chose not to show the film in Bay County initially. It was later distributed to many markets later in the week after “Brokeback Mountain” did very well at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.