Altha Vandals

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A plan to consolidate schools in Calhoun County apparently isn't sitting too well with some people. Sometime during the night, someone vandalized the Altha School. Authorities say this was not the work of some kids just out for a few laughs.

With chains, padlocks and spray painted profanity, the students at Altha return after an extended weekend to find their school vandalized.

James Baggett, Altha Police Chief, says, "I've been raised here all my life and never seen this before. People in our town are upset, so we need to find out who did it."

For this small town to have their school defaced is unthinkable.

"Approximately between the hours of 12 and six this morning somebody spray painted the gym and the window doors. The Altha Wild Cat symbol outside, they had spray painted ‘tiger pride’ all over it."

Nearly a dozen doors were chained including the lunch room and the gym. Vandals even spayed painted security cameras.

“I'm not sure what kids were involved or even if it were kids at all.”

With the red and white paint and the reference to “tiger pride,” some believe the vandals are trying to make a statement.

Ronny Hand, Altha School Principal, says, “There's been a consolidation issue going about consolidating the Calhoun County high schools, and some believe that this may be an offshoot from that.”

School officials are now trying to calm tempers.

"The first thing kids want to do is retaliate a little bit, you know. But most them don't believe necessarily that it was students from Blountstown had anything to do with it."

Meanwhile, the students at Altha School will try to make the best of a homecoming week that was supposed to showcase their Wildcat pride.

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office is assisting the Altha Police Department with the investigation. So far they don't have any suspects.