Police Release Hidden Camera Videos

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William Judson McDevitt is only facing two misdemeanor counts of video voyeurism, but police believe they could charge him with more if they get some help of his alleged victims. The trouble is that most of these people have no idea they were taped.

Parker police are trying to identify 14 women from the video tapes. The woman had no idea there was a camera planted in the bathtub set at just the right angle to capture her in the bathroom mirror.

They say the man responsible for planting the tiny cameras is the town house owner, William Judson McDevitt. Some of McDevitt's tenants at the Cheri Lane town houses broke this case last month when they noticed wires leading from their homes to storage sheds in the back of complex.

Parker police searched several units and found tiny cameras hidden everywhere: in ceilings, in vents, in bathtubs. Police released one of dozens of tapes they confiscated from McDevitt's home, hoping to identify the victims and contact them about pressing charges against McDevitt.

The tapes were shot in apartments 116, 124, and 139 at Cheri Lane. Identifying any of the victims could help move this case forward. It also could lead to more charges against McDevitt, and the victims could file civil suits.

McDevitt was arrested on the two misdemeanor counts of video voyeurism, posted $1,000 bond, and is free. He has refused our request for an interview about these tapes or any of the other items police discovered in any of the Cheri Lane town houses he owns.

If you recognize any of the females, we ask you to please call the Parker Police Department at 871-4100. Parker police pulled hundreds of pieces of evidence out of two homes that McDevitt owns. They turned some of it, including a computer, over to experts with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

There’s no word yet on what they've been able to find.