Tyndall Visit

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The new Air Force staff building will house the command staff and directorates.

The building will consolidate the staff from nine locations around Tyndall Air Force Base to one headquarters, but not only is this making life easier for those on base, it's also bringing in money for the community.

Congressman Allen Boyd, Major General M. Scott Mayes and others spoke at the ceremony. The new $27.2 million facility is designed to enhance the unit's transition to a war fighting headquarters.

That means the first Air Force will be able to provide the full spectrum of Air Force capabilities. Not only air defense, but also air mobility, rescue, and provide imagery for natural disasters and terrorist events, but there's also an economic impact on the community.

The construction is expected to last three years, providing about 500 jobs for people in Bay County.

"It'll mean a lot of construction money, jobs here for the panhandle area, for the Bay County area, and we're just proud to be good neighbors and good participants in the local community."

The direct construction costs for the headquarters is going to be in the neighborhood of $25 to $30 million, but it also assures that the first Air Force is here to stay in Bay County, and that is good news for our local economy.