Calhoun-Liberty Hospital

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The Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Blountstown continues to fight for its financial survival. Last week hospital board members met with state officials hoping to secure a grant or loan. Monday night they tried to enlist the help of the City of Blountstown.

Last month Dassee Health Management told the county it could no longer afford to run the Calhoun-Liberty Hospital and planned to close the doors for good.

The hospital board voted to take over the license and operate the hospital itself, but the road to financial stability is not going to be easy.

At Monday’s special meeting board members and Rural Hospital Consultant David Berk took their case to the City of Blountstown.

The hospital board recently applied for a loan to keep it open until it can be reimbursed from Medicare and Medicaid. Board members informally asked the city to consider going in on the loan with them.

Though the city seems committed to do what ever they can to help the hospital, the mood in the room was that they needed more time to say exactly what the city was willing to commit to the hospital's cause.

Laddie Williams, Calhoun-Liberty Hospital Associate, said, “We know that this facility can't do everything for everybody, but the good thing is it can stabilized people.”

David Berk Rural Hospital Consultant, added, “You've got only about two, three, four weeks maximum before we run out of money from the association. That's why it so important to get these things lined up.”

In addition to attaining the funds needed to stay open, board members also informed the city council about the hospital's poor infrastructure.

Once they get over this hump, the long-term plan is to break ground on a new hospital within two and a half to three years. The hospital board also applied for a state grant the hope to get the status of that soon as well.