Calhoun Schools

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Just a few blocks away from the hospital meeting, Calhoun County school board members continued talking about plans to consolidate two schools. This was just the latest in a series of workshops to discuss the consolidation of Blountstown High School and Altha School.

The plan calls for moving the high school grades from Altha School and consolidate it with Blountstown High in a new Calhoun County High School.

The board talked about building cost and transportation.

School officials say this consolidation will allow them to provide students with more technology and higher level classes, but there are still concerns on both sides.

Mary Sue Neeves, Calhoun County Superintendent, said, "We hear from people for consolidation, against consolidation. We try to take all of this information and process it to come up with the decision for the of Calhoun County schools."

David Culpepper, Altha Mayor, said, "The economic impact alone, we probably stand to lose 60 to 70 percent of our businesses that rely on the school for their sales.”

The school board plans to hold additional workshops on the issue before making a final decision.