Woman Threatens Jump From 12-Story-Tall Tower

A woman climbed the tower outside Fire Station Number One in downtown Panama City Thursday.

She went up the 120-foot-tall tower around noon, threatening to jump.

Panama City firefighters, police officers and Bay County Emergency Medical Services were on hand preparing for what may happen.

The woman, who was not identified publicly, was unresponsive to the negotiator for the 45 minutes she was on the tower, and she climbed further up when rescue workers approached the tower.

After climbing and hanging on for that long, the woman eventually began to tire and nearly fell as she tried to hold on for her life. That's when the rescue workers decided to climb the tower, put the woman in a harness and bring her down.

R. Austin Andrews is Panama City’s assistant fire chief and said, "Essentially, you look at what's going on. You make a decision, and we got to that point as a corporate decision and basically Sgt. Miller briefed her and let her know that we were ‘gonna try to come and get her. She seemed to be agreeable with that and the rescue took place."

The woman was exhausted but unharmed, and was taken to a local hospital to be treated.