Teen Driving Accidents Have Repercussion

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The crash numbers being rung up by teenage drivers are causing some people to push for tightening up the restrictions on their driving.

Frank Fuder, a Bay HS Driver's Ed. Teacher, says, "The maturity of the kids doesn't seem to be what it was when I started teaching 30 years ago. You give a kid, a car and license, and you were ok. But not anymore."

In recent years there have been several accidents involving local teenagers; most recently Emily Tuthill during the school lunch break.

Brittany Ghiessling in 2003 died in a crash on Back Beach Road, and Cynthia Yarbrough died when she wrecked her pickup in Bayou George. Even though these accidents hit close to home, some students still turn a blind eye.

Officials say there some things teens can do to prevent accidents:

- Don't drive with the radio blaring.

- Be careful of modern technology. iPods and cell phones can be distracting.

- Keep your car in good shape. This will help especially in hazardous weather conditions.

- Buckle up. Although this can't prevent an accident, it can prevent serious injuries or even death.

Here's another incentive for teens to become safe drivers. Insurance rates drop significantly for students with a 3.0 or higher grade pont average.

Most insurance companies also charge less for students who've completed a driver’s education course.