Second Mutilated Cat Found At Bay Point

PANAMA CITY BEACH - The Bay County Sheriff’s office is now investigating a second case of a cat being mutilated at Bay Point.

The Sheriff’s Office got a call about 6:30 a.m. after the back half of a cat was found lying in the street on Pompano Road. This time security preserved the remains to be examined.

Late this afternoon, divers from the Sheriff’s office searched a golf course pond, near Delwood Drive and Jan Cooley Drive, looking for evidence. A tip was received about two males that were seen throwing a plastic bag into the pond. Drivers did not find anything.

On September 1, the back half of a second mutilated cat was found on Wahoo Road by a jogger. The remains were thrown away before deputies arrived, but Bay Point Security was able to give them a cell phone picture of what was left.

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