State Fall Snapper Season Not All Good News

PCB-- During snapper season Mel Miller's Anderon's Seafood Market employs lot of folks.

"You know, during the snapper season whatever X amount of days we have every boat here runs, all they can do. It turns on, then when the snapper season is over it's like a light switch, it turns off. Then it's like today, you look here, and nobodies gone fishing," said Miller.

Last week the state added a 21 day fall snapper season. From October 1st to the 21st.

But that doesn't do charter any good, because their federal permit forbids them to fish in state waters when federal waters are closed.

NOAA has not decided if there will be a fall snapper season in federal waters.The decision was supposed to be made in mid August.

"If someone calls me and says they want to catch red snapper, I can't make reservations for next year, or actually even a month from now because i don't know if the red snapper are going to be open or closed. We can't give them an honest answer because we don't know ourselves. There is no way we can base our business in that kind of situation," said charter captain Derek Blakely.

If NOAA does schedule ta fall season, it could be a windfall for all fisherman.

"We could see every species, meaning, red snapper, grouper, amber jack, critter fish. This will probably be the last time in our lifetime that we will ever see all species open at one time," said Miller.

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management council is expected to make a decision on fall snapper season later this week.