Sunset Cruise Turns Into Action Movie

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - 37 tourists on the Island Time tour boat saw an abandoned boat Monday evening that kept circling their boat.

"We didn't actually realize what was happening until the captain stopped our boat and all we saw was this super fast little boat that was going crazy around us," said one of the tourists on-board, Emily Fraser.

Apparently the captain of a bait boat and his son fell overboard into Grand Lagoon.

"I was thinking it was going to crash into our boat. I sure did. It being fiber glass, it probably would have put a hole in it," said another tourist, Michael Brantley.

One of the crew members, Nick Eyles, took matters into his own hands, turning the sunset cruise into what looked like a shoot for a Hollywood stunt movie.

"I figured that he had an idea that involved me driving his boat and so I was like 'yeah, I'll go help him.' He just had a small dingy. As we were making laps, it became more apparent, his plan involved me doing a lot of stuff."

Eyles then jumped on the abandoned boat.

"Some people thought it was part of the trip and we planned these rescue scenarios. I'm going to make them feel better, but usually we just hang out and look at the sunset," said Eyles.

When NewsChannel 7 asked if Eyles would do it all over again:

"I can't say for sure. Yeah I'd probably do it. If someone came up and asked me for help. I'm going to go help them do something," said Eyles.

The only thing he hopes is that his mother in Atlanta won't see the video.

Nobody was hurt during the course of the boat chase.