Secrets of the Florida Panther

COLLIER COUNTY, Florida Some residents set up cameras in the back yard of their home near the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park in Collier County.

What the cameras capture give a glimpse into the secret lives of panthers.

The video was shared with the Florida Fish and Wildlife, which posted it on their Facebook page.

“Under the cover of darkness, a female panther calls for a mate. Her caterwauling lets male panthers know she is ready to mate. Successful with her yowling call, a collared male panther known to us as FP183, answers. They meet, and like most panther couples, they spend a few days together – watch as they navigate the area together at night and in the rain one day.

The end of the video shows the male scratching on a log and making scrapes on the ground. Panthers leave scrapes on the ground and rub their faces on objects to leave their scent and mark their territory.

In this video it appears that FP183 has an injury at the end of his tail. Biologists are not sure what caused the injury but it happened after he found his mate and does not appear life threatening.

Thanks to the homeowners for graciously sharing the wonderful footage they captured!”