Altha Tanks

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Something in the ground at Altha school is coming back to haunt school officials.

Several gasoline and diesel underground storage tanks were removed from the school grounds in 2000.

The tanks may be gone, but the Department of Environmental Protection is still trying to decontaminate a portion of the site.

As late as this fall, several classes near the area of concern were closed and replaced by portable classrooms. DEP and the Health Department officials will update the public on the process of decontamination at a public meeting.

School officials say they just want to do what ever needs to be done to keep the campus safe.

Greg Jones, Assistant Superintendent, says, “We have had to follow the advice of the experts the whole way. We’re not environmental engineers, but we want to make sure what ever is done the children and the staff's safety comes first.”

State Rep. Marti Coley and Sen. Al Lawson are sponsoring the meeting. It began at the Altha school cafeteria at 6:00.