Highway 90 Weekend Garage Sale Promises Treasures

The weather should be nice for garage "saling" this weekend.

A garage sale happening place this weekend that will have something for just about anyone willing to take the time and the 270 mile drive on Highway 90.

Teresa Lassitter and her grandson Charles have already found some bargains.

One shopper said, "I found a remote control car they wanted for $6, but she wouldn't get it!"

Lassitter says she's holding out for a better deal, hoping that strategy won't backfire.

"We we're so successful on our last two yard sales, we sold out on Friday," she said.

Across the street at the Church of God of Prophecy, they're selling Boston Butts as a fundraiser.

You'd think the bargain hunters would help increase sales, but Pastor Bryant Dupree says it's just the opposite.

Dupree said, "We've had some stop and they ask if we're having a yard sale and we say, "No" and they say, "Okay, bye." They don't linger!"

The event within the Chipley-Bonifay area lasts all weekend.

Experts warn you against buying yard sale child car seats and bicycle helmets.

Some are made to survive a single crash, and you don't know what they've been through before you buy them.