Police Investigating Cat Mutilations in Lynn Haven

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking into 2 possible cases of cat mutilation, this time in Lynn Haven.

This comes at the same time Cay County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating mutilation cases in Bay Point.

Lynn Haven Police and City Animal Control say coyotes are responsible for the cat deaths, but neighbors say they're not convinced.

Sandra Cassaday never thought she'd find trouble in her neighborhood.

She explains, "This is a very quiet neighborhood. It's mostly elderly or adult people. There's very few people that live in this area, and it's always very calm."

But last Thursday, Cassaday's calm was shattered when she found a decapitated cat across the street.

Cassaday contacted law enforcement, but was told by Animal Control a coyote was responsible.

Cassady's not buying the explanation, saying, "It was not tore apart, it was cut apart, and there was no blood, no hair found around this portion of the body. No flies!"

Just a couple weeks before that incident, another cat was found decapitated in a flower bed outside of a home, just a few doors down from Cassaday's. Animal control once again blamed coyotes.

Cassaday explains, "So every dead cat you find that's part of a cat is going to be a coyote? So nothing's going to get investigated."

Cassaday's theory is someone in Lynn Haven has heard the news coverage of the bay point cat attacks, and is carrying out "copycat" attacks.

Cassaday says, "I just - I don't understand. Whoever did this must be a very sick person and does need help."

Fish and WIldlife have at least one of the cat carcasses for examination.

Lynn Haven Police aren't commenting on the story, and the city's Animal Control Officials say they won't comment unless police do.