More Charges Filed in Local Woman's Murder in Nevada

Two professional bodybuilders accused of killing a Panama City Beach woman in Las Vegas are now facing new charges.

Prosecutors are now charging Kelly Ryan with murder and kidnapping in the death of 28-year-old Melissa James.

Prosecutors added a kidnapping charge to Ryan's husband, Craig Titus, who was already charged with murder.

Nevada investigators say the couple used a stun gun, drugged and suffocated Miss James. Then they allegedly put her body in the trunk of Ryan's Jaguar, drove to the desert outside of Las Vegas, and set the car on fire.

James was a live-in personal assistant to Ryan and Titus. The couple claims they fired her on December 13 for allegedly stealing money from their bank account. Police found James' body the next day.

Titus and Ryan were arrested in Massachusetts about 10 days later. Authorities say they were trying to leave the country.

The couple denies any involvement in James' death.