TDC Could Call the Russ House 'Home'

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Marianna- The 'for sale' sign on the front lawn of the Russ House has been there so long, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce President, Jeff Massey said it had almost become part of the landscape.

"That sign has been out there a while and nothing much has really changed."

The chamber has been trying to sell the historic house for more than a year. But, with no buyers on the horizon, Massey said the chamber made some contractual adjustments.

"The price lowered from the original offer," he said. "Probably somewhere to the tune of $40,000. Things involved with the proposals out there are still being discussed and looked at. Hopefully in two or three weeks we'll figure out what the best thing is to do."

The adjustments must have worked, because Massey told us an old contender was back in the picture-The Jackson County Tourist Development Council. TDC officials have repeatedly expressed their interest in buying the Russ House, and Massey said he hoped they could make the house their home.

"The [TDC is] certainly the most logical choice as a purchaser of this house," Massey said of the prospect. [The TDC could] ensure this house stays in great shape not just tomorrow but 10 years, 20 years, 30 years down the road."

If county officials accepted an offer from the TDC, it could also be a benefit to the chamber.

"We could actually end up staying in the Russ House as a tenant to the TDC," he explained. "It's just the reverse of what exists now. So that's one option, there are other options out there. We have a facility behind us, the brown house, that's a possibility."

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