Warrior Beach Retreat Kicks Off With Parade Then Ceremony

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Bay County kicked-off the latest event honoring those who were wounded while defending our country.
The fall edition of the Warrior Beach Retreat got underway Thursday afternoon.
Hundreds of people lined Highway 98 and Hathaway Bridge, waving flags at special motorcade.
26 warriors and their spouses or caregivers, headed east on Highway-98, escorted by members of the Patriot Guard Motorcycle Group.
Locals holding signs and waving American flags say this is the least they can do for the men and woman who risk their lives.
Supporter, Ronnie Thompson, said, "These guys and ladies have given life and limb for our country, a lot of them have given their lives and its all we can do."
The motorcade carried the warriors to the Lynn Haven United Methodist Church, where they were served a special dinner, followed by a program.
Keynote Speaker Retired Air Force LT. Gen. William Welser talked about remembering those heroes who've been forgotten.
The Beach Retreat is also about honoring the people supporting the warrior.
Director of Outreach, Wanda MacDonald, said "It's very important to them that their caregivers and wives get some attention as well beacuse many of times they are the unsung heros."
The Warrior Beach Retreat is a not-for-profit organization based in bay county, that hosts veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.