Justice for Helo

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Helo's family described him as a lovable dog who enjoyed roaming the country side.
Helo's life was cut short sometime after September 12th.
His body was found two days later, a mile away from his home.

"A couple horseback riders found a dog with a rope around its neck. It was deceased. We came out and then we found out there was a family looking for their pet,” said Catherine Rodriguez, Public Information Officer for the Walton County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff's officials say they've been dealing with a lot of animal cruelty cases lately.

"We are not exactly sure why this is happening right now. As of late we have had a lot of cases come into our agency that has been assigned to investigations and we are just trying to figure out what is going on,” said Rodriguez.

The Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers organization is also getting involved.

"We've actually profiled several cases in the past that have to do with animal cruelty or mutilation. We just hope we can find whoever did this to Helo,” said Nicole Wagner, of Crime Stoppers.

And Helo's owners have started Justice for Helo, hoping to bring more public awareness to animal cruelty cases.

They say they have faith sheriff's investigators will find their dog's killer.

If you have any information about this case, log onto the emerald coast crime stoppers website, click on the crime of the week, and fill out a tip sheet.