Southport Juvenile Connected to Incident of Swatting

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Marple Township Police Department in Broomall, Pennsylvania Thursday after an incident of “swatting” in their town was connected to a juvenile in Southport.

On Monday, the Marple Township Police Department received a 911 call from a person claiming to have been taken hostage by a man with an Improvised Explosive Device, or IED, and an AR-15. Numerous officers including the SWAT team and the Bomb Squad responded and discovered it was a false report.

The Marple Township Police Department conducted a search of the surrounding neighborhood and discovered an individual believed to be a co-conspirator in the incident.

A search of his computer and an interview with an informant from the United Kingdom linked the incident to 16 year old Cody Blaine Jones of Southport.

The informant in the UK stated Jones claimed he was involved in 40 other incidents known as “swatting”. It is believed that Jones was the one that placed the 911 call to the Marple Township Police Department.

Swatting is placing a 911 call to police in order to generate a SWAT team response with the nature of the call of such urgency as to demand forced entry into the home to save lives.

Contact was made with Cody Jones Firday at his Southport home on McCormick Road.

After an interview, he was arrested and charged with false report of an explosive device or weapon of mass destruction.

Jones was arrested on the same charge in October of 2012 by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. He was connected to a similar incident of “swatting” that took place in the Bay Point community on Panama City Beach involving the Bay County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team.

The investigation continues with additional charges expected.

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