A Good Year for the Trolleys

The folks who run the Bay Town Trolley say ridership is at its highest level ever.

New figures released this week show the number of riders surpassed the 20,000 mark during the month of December.

Trolley officials attribute the increases due to higher gasoline prices and efforts to protect the environment.

Trolley riders are up 37 percent for the year over the previous year's numbers. That means a quarter of a million people rode on the trolleys in 2005, and they hope this year's numbers will be showing as large or larger increases,

Doug Boice is a Trolley official and says, "2006 is going to be a banner year. We are planning to add trolley routes. We are putting shelters and benches at a lot of the stops. We are adding maps and a new route guide. The best part, the fares will not increase. They will stay exactly the same."

The Bay Town Trolley runs Monday through Friday, making hundreds of stops daily.

If you need information, including routes and schedules, log onto www.baytowntrolley.org.