Bush Pushes Alternative Fuels

Hurricane Katrina gave most of us a wakeup call when it comes to natural gas and imported oil. The cost has gone up so much we're all looking for ways to pinch a few pennies.

The governor is calling on state lawmakers to adopt a new energy policy that tries to wean Florida from its dependence on natural gas and imported oil.

Jeb Bush says the 10-year plan would encourage the development of alternative fuels like bio-diesel, ethanol, solar and hydrogen power.

"With the prospect of oil and gas drilling looming off our coast in the Gulf of Mexico, we have a vested interest in providing a viable alternative to meet our energy needs. In fact, I think it is essential for Florida to lead in the development of alternative fuels given our longstanding opposition to drilling off our coast."

Bush's energy plan would also streamline state rules and regulations for building new power plants, making it easier and faster for utilities to add to their capacity.

The cost will be $30 million this year plus another $45 million over the next three years.