Political Activists Petition in Mall

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About a half-dozen members of the group "moveon.org" collected signatures Sunday morning at a booth set up inside the Panama City Mall.

They plan to send the signed petition to Congressman Alan Boyd, asking him to help expose and challenge scandals and corruption in Washington. More than 120 events just like this one were taking place across the country this weekend.

Members stationed themselves around a booth in the mall and asked shoppers to join the fight against what they call a corrupt government.

Moveon.org says it wants Congress to increase corruption reform efforts that toughen and enforce ethics, and also ban gifts, travel and free meals from lobbyists.

Bill Pritchard of the Moveon.org petition drive says, "We want them to set up responsible rules for reporting and penalties for people who take money from these lobbyists and basically do their bidding it basically amounts to bribery."

Move on.org has over three million members nationwide. If you would like to read more about this organization and their mission, visit their Web site at www.moveon.org.