School Drug Testing Results

After failing a drug test, students in Jackson County will be seeing a drug counselor for the next six weeks.

The Jackson County School District received federal funding this past fall to pay for random drug testing programs for students involved in extra curricular activities.

The first round of testing began this month; 370 students have been tested so far and last week three students tested positive for illegal drugs.

Those students are now ineligible to participate in sports or extracurricular activity for a minimum of 15 days and will not be reinstated until they can produce a negative result on a drug test.

Danny Sims is Jackson County’s School Superintendent and says, "I feel that the drug testing is already working. In fact, I've had some students personally tell me and thank me because they have cleaned up. They'd rather participate in an activity than risk it and use drugs."

Of the 370 students drug tested 21 of them were screened for steroids and no one tested positive for that drug.