Chipley Blocks Four Lane Highway 77 North of I-10

The four-laning of State Road 77 north to the state line will stop before Chipley in Washington County.

The Florida Department of Transportation said Friday the four-laning to the state line will now end north of Wausau at Interstate Ten.

A proposed four-lane truck route around Chipley and its declared historic district will not be built. The city had appealed the bypass due to economic reasons.

In Wausau, the DOT changed its plans to four lane 77 through the historic district of the city and will instead will plan a four lane Highway 77 bypass to the east of Wausau.

The Federal Highway Administration has approved the plan to stop at Interstate 10 and not four-lane 77 any further north.

Right now the four lane work between Southport and the Bay-Washington County line is nearly completed.