Malone Man Shot by Stray Bullet During Dinner

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Malone- Wednesday was going well for Kelly Harlow until he sat down for supper... "Didn't even get to take my first bite," he said, "then, bam!"

That "bam" was a stray bullet that struck the side of the trailer, traveled through the bookshelf and lodged into his foot.

"It just hit me! Just like that! I took my boot off, took my sock off- blood everywhere. I tried to calm my girlfriend down and get her to call 911, but she couldn't call 911! She kept dialing 999."

"My daughter was hysterical trying to call 911," her mother and homeowner, Paula Harrison said, "so I took the phone from her and called it in and they come. The ambulance come, the police- I mean sheriffs department come- and they was going around to some of the other houses and found out some guys had been out target practicing."

With an aching foot and upcoming surgery, the carelessness didn't sit well with Harlow.

"Go somewhere else! A gun range, a closed field- away from houses. That could have been in my knee or chest."

"I never dreamed I wouldn't be safe in my own house because someone was playing with a gun and not being safe with it" Harrison said. I mean, I don't think they did it intentionally, and they said they were just target practicing. But still, to be shooting toward houses? All of these three houses have grand-kids.

And another on the way- Harlow and his girlfriend are expecting a baby.

"They lucky it hit me and not my old lady" he said. "If they had hit her- somebody would have had to pay for that."

Jackson county sheriff's officials said the incident was still under investigation.

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