Evacuees’ Assistance Running Up

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The worst of the storm has long passed, but evacuees are still left with the task of rebuilding their lives.

Thousands have leaned on FEMA assistance, but in about one week they must find another way, so one local charity, the Panama City Rescue Mission, is continuing to provide assistance with anything evacuees still need.

Billy Fox, Executive Director, says, "Well, if you can imagine losing everything that you have and just starting to think about silverware, kitchen things, pots and pans, a couch and a bed, all those things, that’s a lot of money and a lot of energy and emotions because those things were precious to all of them."

To get help at the rescue mission evacuees must provide a FEMA ID number. Then they can take their pick of clothing, furniture, or any other items they may still need.

The reason the rescue mission can be so generous is all based on donations, so anyone who has anything to donate is encouraged to call the rescue mission and they will come pick it up from you. They say it's just a way to continue helping people help themselves.

If you have any donations to give or if you'd like more information on the rescue mission, you can call 215-9007.