St. George Island Electricity

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St. George Island spent Thursday night in the dark. All that nasty weather that moved through our area took out a set of utility poles that carry electricity across Apalachicola Bay to the Franklin County Island. The whole incident has some tourists a little on edge.

Vacationers on St. George Island say this not what they signed up for.

Marge Lund, vacationing on St. George Island, says, "No power on the island. We can't watch Young and the Restless, and I don't know about showers. It's going to be a long time before we have warm water."

Thursday afternoon severe weather spawned a water spout in the Apalachcola Bay just off St. George Island. The result is seven poles down, four bent, and the entire island left in darkness.

Power crews have been working around the clock trying to restore power to the island. They also had to dodge oystermen as they fished the bay for damaged power poles.

Progress Energy spent the day connecting three generators to the substation to temporary restore to power to their 2000 customers on the island. The plan came for the recovery effort after Hurricane Ivan.

Larry Watson of Progress Energy says, "We needed contingency so that we can continue to provide power to our customers after a large storm event. This was not a large storm event, however, with the water spout that knocked out several of our transmission poles we needed to provide power quickly and efficiently to our customers."

No matter how inconvenient it's been, some tourists have tried to make the best out of the situation.

Wesley Thompson says, “We enjoyed last night. We had the candles out and made a nice night of it.”

Others aren't so understanding.

Kae Lund says, “I'm hoping that they get the generators going or something so we can watch TV and take a shower and do laundry and dishes and cook. We're going to have to get the guys on the grill.”

Progress Energy officials are slowing getting the power restored. So far they say 500 of their 2000 customers are up and running. They plan to work through the night until the entire island has power.