WWII Veteran Receives Letter 70 Years Later

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One World War II Veteran in Shalimar is sharing his story about a piece of mail that sent him traveling back in time.

It's a letter that was lost within the folds of america's history for almost 70 years.

91 year old Clayton Daniel spent his early 20s fighting for his country.

His apartment at the Hawthorn House in Bob Hope Village is filled with those memories.

But a few weeks ago, Daniel was faced with another memory from the past.

An unopened letter from a Jeraldine Hinesley postmarked right before the Battle of the Bulge.

Clayton Daniel explains, "The letter was written in 1944 - November, 1944, and this girl who wrote it was in my high school class."

But Daniel says mail delivery during the Battle of the Bulge sometimes took months to deliver.

The following February, he was forced to leave the military because of an injury.

Daniel says, "My good friend Doyle Roberts, was also a Lieutenant. We was together quite a while. Good friend. He got the letter somehow, I guess from the mail clerk, and no doubt he was going to get it to me."

But he never did.

Lieutenant Roberts died earlier this spring, and the letter was found amongst his things.

When Daniel finally received it, he reached out to his old friend Hinesley…after more than 35 years of no contact.

They're planning their next reunion in the next few months.

Daniel says he's not willing to disclose the contents of the letter, but he will be laminating it and keeping it safe in the bank.

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