Car Buyer Scam

Be careful who you trust. That's what Bay County sheriff's investigators are telling locals who are trying to sell a car through the classifieds.

It seems scam artists are at work.

Investigators say it happens like this. A car is advertised by a local newspaper. The seller gets a call from an individual claiming they buy and sell cars as a business and will buy the car sight unseen.

The "buyer" sends the car owner a check for more than the asking price, then calls the seller a second time to apologize for the error.

The buyer tells the seller to deposit the check, saying he "trusts" them, then asks the seller to mail the difference to them by Western Union. Once the seller deposits the check and sends the money, they realize the original check was no good.

If you been a victim or a potential victim, please call the Bay County Sheriff's Office at 747-4700.