First Look at Gulf Coast Medical Center Expansion

Gulf Coast Medical Center is preparing to unveil its new facility this Thursday after two years of construction.

Saturday the facility was open to the media for tours and a sneak peek at three renovated units.

On the first floor, the intensive care unit is now a 20 bed unit that increases Gulf Coast Medical's care capacity by eight beds.

On the second floor, the neonatal intensive care unit is expanding from a ten bed Level 2 NICU to an 18 bed unit that can now provide Level 3 NICU care, which will help accommodate more newborns.

A new pediatric intensive care unit will provide four rooms for critically-ill pediatric patients.

Mindy Young, Director of Children Services said, "I think the benefit, the main benefit of this facility is to provide quality care with great outcomes in their backyard. It's every service that you need now will be located in this facility. People don't have to travel anymore. We are able to provide that."

Critical Care Director, Paula Bowers, adds, "When somebody has a family member in the ICU, it's a crisis state for the family. So when we as a health care team are delivering care to the patient, we have to recognize the crisis state that entire family is in. So we are highly trained to deliver care to the entire family."

An addition to the new facility, each room has a futon for family members to stay the night, a fully function bathroom for both the patient and family, and a built in desk for nurses.

A ribbon ceremony will be held October 10th.