EMT's on Vacation in PCB Save Drowning Man

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A man drowning in the Gulf Sunday is rescued by three firefighter EMT's on vacation.

Leah Williams who dialed 911 said, "We couldn't believe it. We were just sitting on the balcony."

Vacationers enjoying the Panama City Beach sunset say they knew something was wrong.

Williams said, "We heard a woman screaming, hollering over and over again. We looked and said, "Something's wrong, something's happening, it's bad.""

People staying at the Continental Condo's across the street from Gulf World say they saw the swimmer lifeless in the water.

"There was a bunch of people that came out from the ocean running from everywhere and they actually pulled him out onto the sand," Williams said.

Three firefighter EMT's on vacation from Nashville, Tennessee heard the screams for help and sprung into action.

Nashville firefighter EMT, Roy D. Johnson said, "Some lady come running down on the beach hollering, "Save him, Save him!" So I took off. I had my wife go get the other firefighters"

That's when Johnson called for his friends.

Johnson said, "I told the wife, "Go get the crew! We gotta get to work!""

One of the EMT's just so happened to have his medic bag.

Carey Stribling a Nashville Firefighter EMT said, "We used oral air way and got his airway open and after that he started breathing."

Johnson tells me that his medic bag is like a credit card. He doesn't leave home without it.

"I'm a medic firefighter 24/7. So, I carry my gear with me," he said.

When I told the men that they are heroes, they quickly corrected me.

Stribling said, "No, we're not heroes. We do it all the time; we do it every day. We're not heroes. We are just here to be on vacation and just happened to be here."

The man in his 30's was taken to the hospital.

Officials say he suffered a seizure in the water.

He is recovering at Bay Medical Hospital.