Fall Fishing Challenge Starts Despite Rain

Rain also threatened the first weekend of the free weekend Fishing Tournament Season.
the Fall Fishing Challenge began Friday and will continue every weekend until November 3rd.
the event takes place at the Russell fields city pier and at the m.b. miller county pier.
rod rentals and tackle are available on site at each pier.
the challenge includes four species, the king mackerel, the Spanish mackeral, flounder, and pompano.
a total of $1,200 dollars in prizes will be awarded each weekend.
The rain Sunday afternoon forced some competitors to pack up and leave.
Competitor, Andy Giang said, "Because the storm from the radar is kinda purple. So time to leave."
As the rains started clearing, fishermen returned.
There is no tournament entry fee, but contestants must pay the standard pier fishing fee or have an annual pass in their name.
Another Competitor, Kassandra Veldhuizen said, "Fishing gets really good when it's raining. That's when a lot, there a lot of people that stayed out there because that's when the fish is on. That's when they bite."
A winner at each pier will be awarded in each fish category every weekend.
The Children's Division is open to kids 12 years old and younger.
The tournament will continue each weekend from 5 am to 5 pm.