Cottondale Shooting

A shooting in Cottondale Sunday night has investigators looking for a murder suspect.

Cottondale police and the FDLE have not released an official statement on the murder, but eyewitnesses have plenty to say about it.

We do know the man who was killed was 33-year-old Lamond Poole. He lived with his sister at Stedmon mobile home park in Cottondale. The mobile home park is also where he was shot. It's located right across the street from Cottondale High School and about a block from Highway 231.

Witnesses say the shooting happened about 10:30 Sunday night. They say Poole got a call from a young lady who lives across the street asking him to come over.

Another witness says they saw someone go into a nearby shed at about the same time. They say that's when Poole left the trailer to head back to his home. The person came out of the shed and confronted him and an argument began. That's when Poole supposedly was shot in the face at point blank range.

Poole's family describes him as a loving person.

Shirley Nettles, the shooting victim's aunt, says, "He was a good guy. He wouldn't harm anybody and I don't understand why anyone would want to harm him. He was a good father. He has a one-year-old son."

These are details eyewitnesses are telling us. Police have not released any details. They say they're trying to gather information right now, so we don't know whether or not they have a suspect in mind.