Majka Promoted

Bay County is looking for a new Director of Emergency Operations. The old one is getting a major promotion and is moving up.

County commissioners approved the appointment of Bob Majka as one of two new assistant county managers. Dan Shaw will take over the other position.

County Manager Ed Smith created the two positions, reorganizing the duties of Deputy County Manager Joy Bates, who retired at the end of last year.

Majka says he is looking forward to this new challenge.

"I think primarily as the community goes through this phase of development that’s going to be a paramount issue. I think there is just a myriad of issues that are out there that are priority for the county and as you saw today the County Commission and staff are getting together to find out what our goal and objectives are and we'll be working to meet that."

The county is now advertising for applicants for Majka's old job, Emergency Operations Director. Majka's right hand man, Mark Bowman, will serve as Interim Director of EOC.