RHS Football Players Help Deputies Catch a Theft Suspect

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A local football team helps put a would-be shoplifter behind bars. Rutherford High School football players say they were out in front of the Callaway Walmart fundraising for new uniforms.

Angela Brooks, a JV Football Parent, witnessed the happenings. "All of a sudden we looked and of course there's a cop there and a guy comes flying in and tells the boys to go after him."

A Bay County deputy asks the Rutherford football team for help in trying to arrest a shoplifter. Eight players sprang into action. "People were telling me that they went that way and they went this way *laugh* so i couldn't catch them."

The players chased the alleged shoplifter through the Wal-mart on North Tyndall Parkway. Yakeif Duncan then tackled the suspect. "He threw a punch at me, I dodged it and one of my friends was like, oh once he threw the punch he tackled him and then wrapped him up. And he tried to get away from him and we just slammed him."

The robber then begged for the boys to let him go. "He's like alright dog, Don't do this man. C'mon let me go."

Video sent to Newschannel 7 from a viewer shows the man in cuffs. The boys didn't even hesitate when the deputy asked for help.

"They thought he was joking initially, but as soon as they realized he was serious they just took off and of course them being football players and opportunity to make a tackle laugh*.

Rutherford Football Head Coach Alvin Dempsey told NewsChannel 7 he and his staff teach the kids what to do in situations like this. "That's one of the things we talk about in building our program-character, young men, great citizens. You know it’s just some of the things we teach that they just stepped up and did today."

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