Buck Wild

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Sheriff's deputies arrested Buck Wild owner Eddie Ray Eanes and manager Jason Daniel McGregor last Wednesday night for violating the county's new tougher noise ordinance.

Authorities say it's just the latest in a string of episodes that have upset Buck Wild's neighbors on the north side of Thomas Drive.

"I've drawn numerous complaints with the sheriff. I think he said they've had 220-something complaints in the last couple of months and I would like to see the possibilities of abating that nuisance and doing away with that business."

Commissioners instructed the county attorney to explore the possibility of closing Buck Wild because of the neighbor complaints.

"After the county commission decided to shut down Buck Wild, we decided to look at some of the numbers and compare the number of noise complaints, disturbance complaints and battery complaints on Buck Wild as compared to some of the other notable bars and clubs on Panama City Beach."

Over the last year, Miss Newby's had 26 noise, 18 disturbance and three battery complaints. Key West Bar and Grill had nine noise, 26 disturbance and six battery complaints.

Schooners had two noise, three disturbance and one battery complaint, but from April of 2005 until now, Buck Wild had 226 noise complaints, 36 disturbance and 23 battery complaints.

Eddie Eanes’ attorney says the numbers don't tell the whole truth.

"What you have going on here is you have a brew-ha-ha between the club and a small group of neighbors who I think are skewing the numbers by calling repeatedly to complain about the same conduct."

Bay County commissioners will take another look at the issue later this month when their attorney comes back with their possible options.

To be fair, we attempted to find the number of complaints lodged against Spinnaker and La Vela. They fall under the jurisdiction of the Panama City Beach Police Department, but beach police were unable to fill our request for those statistics.