2 Murderers Escape by Using Forged Court Documents

Two killers serving time at the Franklin Correctional Institution in North Florida were released by mistake. Charles Walker was serving a life sentence, while Joseph Jenkins was serving 50 years behind bars.

Misty Cash with the Department of Corrections says, “We’re in the process of trying to apprehend those guys and put them where they belong.”

Both 34 years old, the two were released one and a half weeks a part from one another. The Department of Corrections learned of the error weeks after it happened.

D-O-C says they were let out because of fraudulent papers filed by an Orange County court.

“The Department of Corrections follow every procedure and protocol we have in place. Those inmates were released based on those court orders we received,” says Cash.

One killer was released at the end of September, the other at the beginning of October. People in this North Florida community say what makes it even worse is they were never notified of the release.

James Hahl, a Carabelle resident, says, “I didn’t hear anything about it until you just mentioned it. But it sounds like a big mistake. It’s just not right.”

Another Carabelle resident, Bill Smith, also said, “They not bothering us. They probably went back to where they come from.”

State agencies are working with officers to locate the escapees.

At the same time, an ongoing investigation is looking into how the mistake happened.

DOC says it was no accident.

“We always look at process, procedure. If something needs to be tweaked,” says Cash.

It's believed the killers may have returned to Central Florida where they are both from.

If you see either Jenkins or Walker, you’re advised not to approach them, but to immediately call 9-1-1.

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