Thousands Walk in Strides for Cancer Event in Pier Park

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Thousands made strides today to find a cure for one of the most common cancers among American Women - breast cancer.

Our own Tom Lewis and Donna Bell kick-started the event as they shared how cancer has affected their lives during the opening ceremonies.

Thousands showed up to show their strength, their survival and their support.

Walking for a cure. Event organizers have been preparing for this day all year with fundraisers, survivor dinners and tap team receptions.

And today, the big finale: The 5-k making strides against breast cancer walk.
Breast cancer awareness supporter Pam Selders said, "It’s just a wonderful cause and we need to fight the fight."

More than 100 registered survivors came to show their support for the cause.

Wearing all different shades of pink thousands came out making strides against breast cancer.

Pam Selders’ daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. She says the walk is a great way to show support and she plans to walk in next year's strides for cancer walk as well.

“This is Macy. She's here for the cause as well. She's a trooper. She went the whole way and she didn't even complain about being turned pink,” Selders said.

A tribute was made to both survivors and non-survivors today.

Breast Cancer Survivor Lavarne Curry said, "I had breast cancer and they found it in 1995 and they found it on a mammogram. Cancer is not a death sentence, as you can see."

Event organizers say this year was their largest turnout...About 3,000 walkers.

Co-Chair Organizer Mary Gauden said, "I would say that we were up this year as well. I'm hoping that we were somewhere around four thousand attendees this year. The park was full, we had a great crowd.”

The money raised by 120 teams will be donated American Cancer Society's research for the cure.

In the meantime people like Pam will continue their support

Event organizers say they've raised more than $130,000 so far and are hoping to raise even more.

To help meet their goal of $145,000 they're encouraging everyone to keep dropping their outstanding team.

Dollars at the American Cancer Society office is open from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday.

Making Strides donor Debra Williams raised the most money as a participant with more than $1,800.

Team Jane Bell – WJHG raised the most money as a team with more than 7,200.

Cadence Bank raised the most money as a company with more than $600.