Buck Wild Saloon Making Major Changes

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It may sound noisy inside the Buck Wild Saloon. And that's what all of the work is designed to do, keep the noise inside.

Last week Eddie Eanes and his staff installed the latest sound muffling panels inside of the Thomas Drive nightclub, in hopes of reducing the noise level outside. Eanes says he's also hiring off-duty firefighters, armed with decibel meters. They'll constantly measure the noise levels making sure the club is not in violation.

But noise is just one of the issues facing Eanes. Neighbors have filed complaints about club patrons parking and wandering all over the nearby.

Eanes has bought several homes around the nightclub. They'll be demolished to create more parking and create a great noise buffer. And he plans to build a fence around the backside of the bar to keep patrons from straying into the neighborhood.

Whether the neighbors appreciate the changes remains to be seen and heard. Demolition crews are expected to tear down some of the houses first thing in Tuesday morning. The parking lot should be usable by Wednesday.