Bristol School Superintendent Won't Be Prosecuted

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The courts have cut a deal with another Liberty County elected official who was suspended from office, although it's doubtful she'll get her job back.

Former Liberty County School Superintendent Gloria Gay Uzell has entered a pre-trial diversion program to escape trial on grand theft, official misconduct and a public records violation charges.

Uzell allegedly used a school district credit card for a shopping spree at pier park and trips to other areas.

She'll be required to pay $500 to the State Attorney's office and cannot break any laws for a year.
She cannot seek election to any county position for 3 years, is prohibited from working for the Liberty County school district for 1-year, can't discuss her case on social media, and cant' have any contact with any of her case's witnesses for 1-year.

As small as Liberty County is, current Superintendent Tony Anderson says that last requirement may be difficult. "We're so small, we'll see one another! Realistically, that's probably not going to take place. But as long as we don't talk about specific issues that are supposed to not be talked about, then I think we can all get along."

If Uzell can complete all the requirements, then the charges will dropped. But, if she violates the conditions, she could be prosecuted on the original complaint.

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