Woman Recovering After Losing Leg and Husband in Accident

CALLAWAY - A local couple, that was looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together, will not have that opportunity.

They were involved in a traffic crash on the way home from their honeymoon in Gatlinburg.

Tasha Bradford and Buck Storey got married October 19th, at the High Praise and Worship Church in Panama City.

Tasha's Sister-in-Law Tori Cooper said, "He absolutely adored Tasha to say the least."

Don Anderson Buck's Best Friend said, "She was his world. She made him wait 2 years before she said, 'I do,' but he said he would've waited 20 years for her."

Pastor Joshua Gay said, "Everything to him was about Tasha."

The couple spent their honeymoon at a Gatlinburg resort.

They had a wonderful 11 days, then headed home to Panama City, but their world turned upside down.

They got into a car accident on interstate 185, near La Grange, Georgia, between Atlanta and Columbus.

"He veered off the road and the car flipped three times," Cooper said.

Buck died at the scene and Tasha suffered a number of internal and external injuries.

Paramedics airlifted to a Columbus Hospital, then transferred to Grady Memorial in Atlanta.

Cooper said, "At first she was in critical condition, so they said it was either her life or her leg."

Doctors amputated her right leg.

"She's in good spirits and getting better every single day. The last picture I saw was of her standing up beside her bed, so that was a miracle," Cooper said.

"I believe that if buck had the option that it would've been this way that he would have gone and she would've stayed, just because of his love for her. he would have done anything for her," she said.

The family has set up a fund to help with Buck's funeral expenses and Tasha's medical bills.