Dead in Four Years

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There's a new study floating around that says it is an indicator of how long baby boomers will live. It's supposed to tell you if you'll live another four years.

Elizabeth Hill says she's taking a healthier approach to life these days.

Elizabeth says, "I don't smoke anymore. I quit that a year ago. I try to walk every day."

Medical researchers have come up with a 12 risk factor test for people over 50. The lower you score, the less chance you'll die within the next four years.

The test assigns points based on your weight, both your physical and mental health status and how those factors affect some of your personal abilities.

The test designer say it's pretty accurate, but some medical experts say it's too narrow as doesn't consider other factors such as family history.

Linda Tilbe, a registered nurse, says, “If you have a family or family members that are diabetics there's a possibility two to three times greater that you're going to develop diabetes, and especially as you get older if you become more overweight."

But they do say the quiz can be used as preventative medicine.

"Use it as a tool for further diagnostic to take a proactive approach to wellness rather than an after the fact and we have a condition that can't be treated."

But medical experts on both sides agree your life style will determine you life span.

"I take my vitamins and I keep check with my doctors if anything goes or if feel like something is wrong."

If you would like to take the Boomer or Bust Wuiz, you can log onto the American Medical Journal at