Crestview Police Investigating Woman in Video who Kicked Geese

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CRESTVIEW - A video has now surfaced of a woman taunting and then kicking a gaggle of geese in Twin Hills Park in Crestview.

Crestview residents said they're shocked and disgusted by the acts.

"I mean sometimes they will attack people, but you can just walk away and they will leave you alone,” said one Crestview resident. “But there they weren't even doing anything, she just antagonized them and they didn't even try to go after her. She just walked up and kicked them in the face."

After posting the video on our Facebook page, we received a number of comments, and viewers with disgusted by the woman’s actions.

The video also shows a child being subjected to the abuse, which many residents said was disturbing.

Crestview Police say they are investigating.

They've identified the woman in the video, but they are not releasing her name.

They also say they aren't taking her actions lightly.

Lieutenant Andrew Schneider of the Crestview Police says his department has dealt with animal cruelty cases in the past, but never with a situation like this one.