Star QB Under Investigation For Sexual Battery

Investigators with the Tallahassee Police Department made contact Thursday with the attorney representing FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston.

Winston was allegedly involved in a sexual battery in December 2012. The football player's attorney may not let his client talk to police.

The heavily redacted police report alleging sexual battery is dated December 7th, last year. The State Attorney’s Office has confirmed it involves FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston.

Winston’s Attorney says his client is absolutely innocent.

"We have done our investigation. We have turned over what we believe is exculpatory information to the state attorney with witnesses who were present," said Tim Jansen.

The State Attorney’s office received the case file on Tuesday, that's at least a day after police received a public records request for the report.

Tallahassee Police are refusing to answer any questions including why it took so long to forward such a high profile case to Prosecutors.

States Attorney Wille Meggs is traveling, we reached him by phone.

"I got my first knowledge of it yesterday at 10:02, little bit shocked to learn it's been an ongoing investigation since December 7th," said Meggs.

While Winston's attorney says they are cooperating, he wouldn't say if he would allow his client to speak with investigators.

“They talked to me today (Thursday), they confirmed to me that the state attorney has asked them to do some follow up investigation and we will try to cooperate with them as much as possible,” said Jansen.

When asked if he would make his client (Winston) available, Jansen replied, “We will cooperate with them as much as possible."

Prosecutors working the case wouldn’t put a time table on resolving it.

While highly redacted the police report says the crime occurred in zone surrounding the university.