Sen. Rubio Reads Letter From Destin Woman

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DESTIN - A Destin woman is becoming a poster child for the failures of ObamaCare.

Michelle Hatley contacted U.S. Senator Marco Rubio after she changed insurance plans and lost her doctors.

Until recently the 43-year-old received healthcare converage under a Medicare Advantage plan.

"I have multiple chronic conditions that require treatment and consultation through several doctors," Hatley said.

However, under the Affordable Care Act, she says her insurer no longer pays for services from her primary care facility and her doctors.

"My choice has been reduced to finding all new doctors or finding a different medicare advantage plan that is more expensive," she said.

That's when Hatley decided to switch her plan.

Hatley said, "I am also legally blind so transport to another doctor would be both difficult and very expensive."

Now she's paying nearly $2,000 more per year, to continue seeing her doctors.

Hatley began communicating with Florida's U.S. Senator Marco Rubio last week.

Senator Rubio said on the Senate Floor, "This is a real life story of a Medicare Advantage recipient in this country whose out of pocket costs are going up because of ObamaCare."

Reading from Hatley's letter Rubio says, "Of the plans that are available that would allow me to keep my doctors the annual out of pocket is significantly higher."

Rubio uses Hatley's situation to accuse president Obama of lying to the American people about keeping their current insurance, if they are pleased with it.

"It is wrong, it is unfair, it should not stand," Rubio said.

Hatley says she is happy Rubio is giving her story attention, and could help others.

"No one else is talking, i think he's the first of the house our senate leaders to talk about how this is effecting medicare beneficiaries," she said.

Hatley is strongly advising people to contact their insurance provider before making any changes.