Brock Trial Testimony Shifts Focus of Defense

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PANAMA CITY - The state has rested its case against a local man charged with first degree murder. Prosecutors called about two dozen witnesses in the retrial of 55 year old Philip Dean Brock.

Brock watched closely Thursday afternoon as prosecutor Larry Basford called Bay County Sheriff Investigator Corporal Mark Bailey to the stand.

Brock is accused of shooting, stabbing and beating 65 year old Terry Brazil to death at his mobile home off Highway 167 last December. At the time Bailey says he told Brock he would need to interview him.

However, Thursday defense attorneys challenged Bailey when he testified about his conversation with Brock on the way to the Sheriff's Office.

Defense Attorney Jennifer Fury said, "So you made no recording of anything he said to you in that vehicle?"

"No ma'am," Bailey responded.

Fury then asked, "You took no notes while you were driving as to what that conversation may have been?"

He said, "Absolutely not."

After Brock's first trial in September ended in a mistrial, investigators went back to Brock's property to look for more evidence. Brock's son, Philip Logan Brock, happened to be cleaning up his dad's property that day.

Wednesday he testified he was joking with investigators about selling them an old swimming pool sand filter, when they came across $12,000 worth of silver coins, wrapped in a towel and stuffed in the filter.

Corporal Mark Bailey with the Bay County Sheriff's Office, said, "He told me, 'There's something in here you might want to look at' and I mean, we were just kidding at the time and I was like 'Yeah right, okay.'" He says 'No, I think you might want to come over here. This is not sand and he reached in and pulled out the towel."

But Fury tried to discredit Philip Logan Brock, saying his father didn't have access to the property last month, and couldn't have hidden the coins in the filter.

Testimony ended without a clear answer as to how the coins ended up in the filter.

Defense attorneys will begin calling witnesses Friday morning. A jury may have a verdict by Friday night.