Frugal Friday

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Many doctors say that old fashioned "home remedies" for minor conditions can work as good as their drugstore counterparts.

In this Frugal Friday report: the best of the home remedies from your grandma's folk cure recipes.

Let's start out with a home remedy for heartburn from Good Housekeeping: drink a glass of low-fat milk or fat-free milk. The milk proteins absorb the excess acids, but avoid whole milk, since its fat can trigger heartburn.

Got a little health problem? Good Housekeeping says don't rule out home remedies.

"We talked to doctors around the country for home remedies that really work. We found ones that have survived the test of time. The ingredients are cheap and you probably already have them on hand."

Dr. Roberta Lee is the medical director at New York's Beth Israel Center for Health and Healing. She has a home remedy for migraines.

"Find some essential oil of peppermint. You want to put a couple of drops of that oil into a teaspoon of what we call a ‘carrier oil.’ The most common carrier oil I can think of is olive oil. You dip your fingers into that mixture, rub it on the side of the temples of the head and you feel more alert, and I can tell you there are some articles suggesting that peppermint oil actually deadens nerve conduction for pain."

And for a sore throat?

"You can boil a piece of ginger root and some cinnamon sticks in water for about 20 minutes, add honey and sip. You'll not only soothe your sore throat, you may also boost your immunity."

Finally, Good Housekeeping says a raw potato can be just the thing if you wake up with circles under your eyes. Grate off a little bit, wrap it in cheese cloth and apply under your eyes for about 20 minutes. Potatoes have an enzyme which works as a skin lightener.

Can't sleep? Good Housekeeping says you should place a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow. It's calming and smells nice, too. The oil just might cure your insomnia.