Airport Board

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The idea for a new airport in Bay County has been a work in progress.

Friday the airport board spent hours discussing some of the specifics of the new airport, including what the building will look like, the landscaping ideas and reusing the groundwater, but the main issue for the board was time and money.

"It's the beginning to go on smoothly I think for the first time, so it's getting the message across to all the elements connected with this that there is no unlimited budget and every single line item is open to scrutiny and we're gonna get this job done, but it's gonna be done in a very fiscal responsible way."

The board must choose from a variety of designs intended to embody the environment in Bay County, but the board won't know exactly how much this will cost until they get more information.

"Then we get a better idea of what the true cost of the building will be, and that's what we're being hypersensitive about. We want to make sure we know how much we're potentially having to spend or budget or save to pull this project together."

The board was also supposed to choose between three engineering companies to manage the construction.

The members seem to be leaning towards Avcon, but decided to table a final decision.

The board’s next meeting is February 28.