Gulf Power Customers Weigh in on Possible Rate Increase

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PANAMA CITY -- Gulf Power customers aren't happy with the possible base rate increase in their bill in January.

Base rates could be rising if the Florida Public Service Commission approves a request from the company and its consumer representative groups.

The increase will go to help the utility's largest construction project of replacing power lines and updating old equipment.

We asked viewers to weigh in on Facebook about how they feel.

Tammy Whitten said, "I say no 'cause we already pay enough as it is the economy is awful very few jobs and people can't afford to pay more especially people who are on fixed incomes."

Tony Knapp said, "They going to do it regardless what the customers say because they’re the only power company most of us have to use."

Gulf Power User Janis Green said, “I believe at this time here things are so economically deprived, I don't see how we could take it."

"If they can do it where it'd be cost efficient I’m for it," said Gulf Power user Dedric Smith.

Gulf Power User James Awatts said, "There's gotta be a way other than just hitting us tax payers, I think they're taking the easy way out by doing it this way."

The construction projects will help Gulf Power maintain mandatory federal regulations. The company also says the new construction will help improve service.